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Paul James, Dean of Curricula



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It is no longer business as usual – and therefore it is no longer leadership as usual: From the very first moment of the very first day of the Leadership: Content and Character FSIL conference participants experience the powerful ideas and practices that define what a leader does and who a leader is.  They are immersed in a deep learning experience that is focused on developing and equipping leaders with the knowledge, multi-dimensional skills, and enriched ability to successfully address immediate challenges while shaping their organization’s future. The Fellow of the Society of Insurance Leaders (FSIL) program is a truly powerful and transformative development experience. Participants are prepared with advanced management knowledge and command of contemporary leadership concepts, tools and techniques. Deep insights and understanding to lead and navigate through an increasingly complex insurance industry setting are conveyed and mastered.  The FSIL then goes beyond the content of leadership topics and teaches attendees critical leadership thinking on how to recognize patterns of data, performance and trends – separating the truly relevant leadership issues from organizational noise. FSIL candidates discover new ways to create and seize opportunities – accurately define problems and shape lasting solutions – while staging high impact innovative initiatives.  Participants are conditioned to orchestrate positive organizational change – build outstanding teams – and to mobilize staff and peers to execute with focus, commitment, and a sense of urgency. The FSIL program also immerses candidates in an exploration of the characteristics that distinguish great leaders – and to learn by walking in the footsteps of leaders who have shaped history. 

The conference curriculum conveys deep understanding of critical contemporary leadership topics. Advanced management and leadership concepts and techniques are covered through dynamic tutorial presentations. Each tutorial module is characterized by high engagement, interaction, and lively discussion. The tutorials are intense and hard hitting; combining cutting edge ideas with practical, proven and enduring leadership concepts and techniques covering such topics as:

  • Crafting and Executing Winning Strategies
  • Organizing for and Attaining Competitive Advantage, Profitable Growth and Capturing Target Markets
  • Building & Leading Resilient and Agile Business Models
  • Initiating, Harnessing, Managing & Leveraging Positive Change
  • Creating & Leading High Performing Teams and Networks
  • Fostering Innovation & Integration in Product, Distribution, Process, People & Technology
  • Critical Thinking, Leadership Strength Finder & Effective Decision Making
  • Renewing Organizational Culture and Values for Competitive Advantage
  • Leadership Presence, Emotional Intelligence & Communication – Creating Empowerment Throughout the Organization
  • Ethics Centered Leadership & Authenticity
  • Managing Diversity & Multiple Stakeholders
  • Leading with Big Data & Analytics while Honing Leadership Intuition
  • Leadership Planning & Execution During Times of Uncertainty, Conflict, Risk & Disruption
  • Leading People and Processes in a Time of Digital Disruption, Discontinuity and Societal Transformation
  • Leading for Diversity: Adapting Leadership Styles to Best Fit Different Demographic Norms and Values
  • Understanding, Cultivating and Reinforcing Outstanding Leadership Habits
  • Revealing and Managing One’s Own Leadership Style and Personalities, Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Developing and Inspiring Others: The Leader as Coach, First Assistant & Talent Builder

The Leadership: Content & Character, FSIL Designation, Conference is a highly interactive and immersive development program designed for insurance executives, emerging leaders and key professionals that have critical managerial responsibilities. It is for the ambitious within the insurance industry who are determined to rise above the weaker organizations that act trapped between an unchangeable past and an unknowable future. Most importantly it is for those who are determined to take their organizations, those around them, and themselves to a higher level of capability and performance. It is for those who continually strive for excellence and are dedicated to creating exceptional value through winning strategies, relentless execution, resourceful innovation, and building talent – all with unquestionable integrity and authenticity. It is for those who seek a uniquely rewarding development experience that makes them better in their current position while preparing them for the higher levels of responsibilities they aspire to.

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