Since its introduction in 2008 the number of insurance organizations from the USA, Canada and the UK that continually sponsor participants in the CIOP Institute’s professional and leadership development programs has grown to 175 carriers.   

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Paul James, Dean of Curricula


First Principles


The CIOP Institute was created by a group of insurance executives who saw the need to significantly improve the knowledge and skills of insurance professionals and leaders who are focused on improving the performance of their organizations.  While underwriters have their CPCU and CLU designation programs and actuaries have their FSA training, there was no systematic talent building program dedicated to the majority of professionals that work in all the other various, numerous, and diverse functions of Insurance carriers.  Collaborating with leading business schools, authors, thought leaders and practitioners the first new insurance  professional development program was developed and introduced in 2008 as the Chartered Insurance Operations Professional (CIOP) designation.  Known for its rigorous content and practical applications and illustrations geared to advancing the capabilities of insurance organizations, the CIOP designation program is now recognized globally as the defining standard of professionalism, knowledge and achievement.  Based on the success of the CIOP designation, insurance organizations have requested additional outstanding talent building programs from the CIOP Institute.  In response to these requests, the CIOP Institute’s portfolio of high quality and robust professional and leadership development programs has increased substantially over the years and continues to expand based on the growing needs of a rapidly transforming insurance industry. 

As the initial group of insurance executives embarked on developing the CIOP Institute and designation they adopted a concept popular in Silicon Valley and its start up culture. These so called First Principles are the foundation, unchanging values and keys that guide the development and administration of all the CIOP Institute’s programs. These First Principles include:

  • A deep and defining belief in the power of knowledge as a shaper of performance, a builder of professionalism, a creator of ideas and an inciter of innovation and change.
  • Knowledge knocks on the door of action. If it receives a reply it stays, otherwise it departs.
  • No vendors, consultants, talking heads. Only content rich graduate level tutorials geared to rapid adult learning.
  • There is no one right way that always applies: Provide attendee with a wide and deep tool chest; Enable attendees to intelligently and skilfully pick, adapt and apply the frameworks and tools that best fit the particular organizational need or problem to be solved.

The CIOP Institute receives a large number of unsolicited testimonials regarding all our programs each year. Below is a very small representative sample of feedback we received from attendees: 

"To the authors and creators of the CIOP designation program…thanks! The class curriculum was well thought out and organized. The instructors were simply superb. The follow up exam project and exercise were practical, timely and immediately rewarding to our organization. What a great investment for our organization."

"I recently had the privilege of attending the Lean six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) program conducted by the CIOP Institute. For professionals interested in advancing their leadership and analytical skills, I highly recommend the CIOP Institute’s offering. I found the instructor’s delivery engaging and the class content particularly compelling. Thank you to the folks at the CIOP Institute for putting together such a solid LSSBB curriculum."

"As a member of the Chubb team I want to say that the CIOP Institute’s approach to the "take home exam project" has offered us an opportunity to explore topics in further depth as a team and to build our understanding around them as a team.  As we work together there is often a reference back to the material we learned or the exam questions we explored as we apply this to our day to day work.  I have NOT seen this type of learning experience from any class that I have attended.  So, in addition to the material offered, the experience of working the exam as a team has left a lasting mark on us and has built a common understanding that we are consistently leveraging."

"We are excited about all the CIOP Institute’s professional development programs. They elevate our discipline and provides us a track for the ongoing development of ourselves as leaders and our staff. We want our management to draw from a well filled tool chest. We also see this knowledge as a powerful contributor to our culture: Doing the right things the right way at the right time."

"The CXAP Designation class was a transformative professional development experience for me and my team. The combination of design thinking, customer analytics and CX journey mapping engineering and analyses was truly amazing – and of immediate benefit to our organization’s CX initiatives. I cannot thank you enough!"

"The CIOP Designation Class is truly one of the best courses I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended quite a number).  So good, that I have already signed up 3 of my management team for the fall."

"The combination of the Chartered Insurance Operations Professional (CIOP), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB), Customer Experience and Analytics Professional (CXAP), and the Master of Change Management & Coaching (MCMC) programs have exerted an incredibly positive impact on our company. It has help me become a far better manager, my staff far more effective and my organization simply far better in so many critical ways."

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