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Services and Solutions


All too often an organization needs additional assistance from a highly informed, objective and skillful advisor. But the larger consulting firms that serve the insurance industry all too often respond with high costs and, whether intentional or not, create a dependency on the part of clients to secure additional consulting engagements and fees. Our approach is quite different.  There are three concurrent goals that underpin all of our advisory efforts.  We certainly and fully address your need or opportunity – but do so in a way that places a priority on teaching your staff and transfer our knowledge and proprietary frameworks and respective tools to your organization. In this manner, your organization is assured of an evidenced based solution that endures through the expanded capabilities and skills that we impart to your staff who are now equipped with our techniques. Our guiding philosophy is that the ultimate role of the consultant is to enable the client to become less dependent on consultants.  It is only in this way does the client truly become the next best version of themselves.   Additionally our consultants are pulled from the ranks of our instructors who are known throughout the insurance industry for their towering skills that combine extensive insurance experience,  consulting acumen, thought leadership and masterful command of contemporary business frameworks and models which they apply with energy, passion and an unmatched level of interpersonal and communication skills.  This approach allows us to provide Tier-1consulting quality and to easily calibrate our services to the needs and budget requirements of our clients.

We provide a large and integrated portfolio of advisory services and solutions – that are adapted to the unique needs of each client’s context.  A small sample of our services:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning: Refreshing current plans in light of industry trends, developments and competition; Performing assessments of current strategies, initiatives and execution
  • Advancing Operational Performance and Innovation: Conducting rapid operational diagnostics; Accelerating process redesign and execution; Achieving quantum improvements in service delivery efficiency, timing, throughputs and quality; Service center transformation
  • Claims and Underwriting Leakage Studies: The establishment of new more rigorous best practices and standards; The identification and elimination of defects and sharp reduction in expenses; Achieving the best financial outcome on every case and policy contract
  • Large Account Team Building: The design and rapid development of the larger complex account team; Large Account team high performing habits; Account rounding techniques and team marketing; Self management and the geometric expansion of underwriting capacity; Transforming underwriting assistants to be high performing
  • Technology Project Acceleration and Success: Assessing and improving current projects;  Agile and Scrum Master coaching and assistance; Design, development and testing support; Application research and selection
  • Lean Six Sigma 2.0: Design for Lean Six Sigma; Work Value Analysis, simplification and elimination, Lean Six Sigma process design and improvement; Identification and removal of waste in all its forms; Improving flow time efficiencies, reducing wait times and work-in-process backlogs; Identifying and addressing process bottlenecks; Improving the skills and productivity of process players
  • Customer Experience: Designing and deploying a superior insurance CX; Power CX Journey mapping and indexing;  Applications of design thinking in generating break through CX; Contemporary CX metrics and analytics including customer effort scoring and improvement; Reinvigorating the Channel CX; Technology enabled CX, mobility, and CX bot best practices; 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Competing on Analytics: Creating an AI center of excellence; Applying AI to reduce knowledge workers including underwriting and adjuster staffing; Designing and testing supervised and unsupervised machine learning neural networks; AI and analytics enabled marketing
  • The 50 and 50 Framework: Growing the customer base by 50% while reducing staff costs by 50%

From the very first conversation with our prospective clients, we take a very collaborative approach in providing advisory services. We often suggest that we start with an exploratory conference call in which we help prospective clients define and calibrate their opportunity – as well as discuss respective go forward options, solution paths and similar past client illustrative cases.  This initial exploratory discussion is often supported by a visit to the prospective client to further advance discussions, define the approach and success criteria, and detail engagement arrangements.  These arrangements define the scope of assistance, the client staff that our consultants will team with and affect knowledge transfer and training, as well as fee investments and timing.  Once the engagement begins, we take an agile and accelerated approach in completing the assignment rapidly and with complete success – while keeping the client sponsors highly informed of progress and enabling the inevitable decisions that often need to be made by the sponsor at critical points in the engagement. 

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