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Services and Solutions


The CIOP Institute’s coaching program focuses on what systematically drives performance for individual leaders,  senior teams, strategically critical initiatives and transformative organizational change. Our executive coaching approach is a catalyst for growth – for each leader and for each team.  The highly regarded success of the CIOP Institute’s Executive Coaching approach is built on a foundation of trust and respect – as well as the unsurpassed leadership counseling skills and proprietary techniques that our coaches provide clients.  Whether you are in an existing leadership position or new to a higher level of responsibility. Whether you are attempting to grow the leadership capabilities of others that report to you – or you want to ensure the absolute success of an important project.  Whether you need help with applying the concepts and topics covered in the CIOP professional and leadership development conferences or attempting to advance your organization into a better future.   You will find the CIOP Institute’s executive coaching program to be a catalyst for absolute success and the attainment of ever higher levels of performance.

The CIOP Coaching services and solutions can be applied at the individual executive and team level:

  • Coaching individual executives focuses on two interrelated dimensions.  The first dimension involves building the skills and behaviors that distinguish highly effective leaders.  Each individual leader has at any given point in their development both strengths and opportunities.  This aspect of coaching involves ways of leveraging and further advancing a leader’s strengths while accurately revealing, understanding and addressing a leader’s improvement opportunities.  The second dimension in coaching individual leaders deals with assisting the individual with their current leadership work priorities and issues. The result of coaching along these two dimensions enables the individual to develop and adopt a set of high performing leadership habits while making solid progress in their current work responsibilities. 
  • Coaching teams – whether a senior leadership team or a key project team – focuses on improving both the social and task dynamics of the group.  The social dimension involves improving how team members interact, communicate, share leadership, collaborate, handle conflict, establish the proper team norms and values,  make and act on decisions, generate ideas and innovation through collaborative creativity. Equally important to the social dimension is coaching the team on its work habits; ensuring proper work planning, group and individual accountability, goal setting and execution, and problem solving.  The work habit coaching enables the team to improve its task performance, reduce risk and ensures that the team’s objectives achieved in an evidentiary and sustainable fashion.

Executive coaching support is provided in a highly flexible manner depending on the unique needs of each client.  We work with each client to establish the objectives and desired outcomes of the executive coaching program.  Pulling from a deep portfolio of coaching instruments we assist the client in identifying and setting priorities as to opportunities and specific areas for improvement.   From this base a schedule of coaching sessions is established and administered. During each coaching session clarity is established as to the particular target of improvement, assessing progress against target, harvesting the benefits of the progress while setting the next level of desired improvement.  The focus and scope of the coaching arrangement is established at the outset with each client – and periodically reviewed during the coaching relationship engagement to ensure absolute success. 

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