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Paul James, Dean of Curricula



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As AI steps front and center as a powerful and primary source of innovation and high performance, it is challenging insurance leaders and professionals to create a compelling vision of how to apply and integrate AI as both a shaper and an enabler of new winning strategies.  AI based technologies and processes will prove increasingly pivotal in anchoring a firm’s ability to achieve growth in new and existing markets – all while reinvigorating business models to deliver unsurpassed customer value at reduced costs. Key to leveraging the power of AI is the need throughout the insurance business community to better understand AI: to understand how programs can learn from data and how this deep continuous machine learning can generate robust insights, better decisions, and more precise actions.  This conference and workshop has been developed in response to requests from the worldwide insurance industry for a content rich, pragmatic, business oriented leadership and professional development experience dedicated to learning and applying AI to significantly enhance and accelerate an insurance organization's innovations and  achieve quantum leaps in performance.

Attendees gain a working understanding of the fundamental components of artificial intelligence - how these elements are designed, built and integrated - and the resulting way cognitive computing is transforming traditional insurance core processes, functions and knowledge work. Among the topics covered:

  • Structured Data, Unstructured Data and Algorithms that Identify Hidden Patterns, Respective Insights and How Machines Communicate Prescribed Actions on These Insights
  • Simplifying the Complex: Scorecards, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Shallow and Deep Learning, Classification Modeling Through Probability Scoring, Regression Modeling Through Magnitude Scoring
  • From Programming Computers to Do Things to Training Computers to Think and Learn; Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Probabilistic Machine Models, Statistical Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing and Gaining New Competitive Advantage Through AI
  • AI Enabled Marketing, Product Management, and Distribution: Customer Propensity Models, New Chatbot Best Practices,  AI Targeted Segment Analytics & Precision Customer Capture and Interaction 
  • The New AI Based Autonomous Operational Model; Digital Intelligent Flow, 
    Self Service and the Rescaling of Staff Resources
  • AI as Assistive Technology: Ensuring Knowledge Workers and Machines Leverage Each Other’s Strengths and Attributes and Mitigate Their Inherent Weaknesses Through Collaborative Intelligence
  • AI Agent Communication, Perceiving and Acting, and Robotic Fundamentals; How the Internet of Things Changes the Underwriting of Things
  • A Blinding Glimpse of the Future: Claims Adjudication, Underwriting, and Customer Service in the Age of AI
  • Organizing for AI Success: Centers of AI Excellence,  AI Facilitated Innovation (AIFI), Data Science and the Essentials of AI Leadership, the AI Project Office,  AI Road Mapping

The influence and potential of AI is pervasive. Every function, process, service, and product will be impacted and shaped by the masterful application of AI.  Companies that truly understand and sensibly apply AI will manage their operations with greater precision, create robust customer experiences, reduce costs in a quantum fashion, while unlocking far higher and sustainable levels of profitable growth. Traditional business models will be transformed to a focus on agility, adaptability, mobility, and continuous meaningful innovation as new opportunities and causalities are revealed through AI.  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Future of Knowledge Work is designed for all insurance leaders and professionals seeking insights today to power their organizations into a better position in a very different insurance industry. It is for those people intent on building the future. Now.

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