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Paul James, Dean of Curricula



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Elevating and amplifying the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and manage to the more demanding standards of a rapidly transforming insurance industry:  From the very first moment of the very first day of the Certificate of Insurance Management Excellence (CIME) leadership development conference participants experience the powerful ideas and practices that define what a future ready leader does and who a future ready leader is. They are immersed in a deep learning experience that is focused on developing and equipping leaders with the knowledge, multi-dimensional skills, and enriched ability to successfully address immediate challenges while shaping their organization’s future. The CIME program is a truly transformative development experience. Participants are equipped with advanced management knowledge and command of contemporary leadership concepts, tools and techniques. Deep insights and understanding to lead and navigate through an increasingly complex insurance industry setting are conveyed and mastered.  The CIME curricula then goes beyond the content of leadership topics and teaches attendees critical leadership thinking to recognize patterns in data, performance and trends – separating the truly relevant leadership issues from organizational noise. CIME candidates discover new ways to create and seize opportunities – accurately define problems and shape lasting solutions – while staging high impact and pragmatic innovations. Participants are conditioned to initiate and orchestrate positive organizational change – build outstanding teams – forge radical collaboration - and to mobilize and energize staff and peers to execute with focus, commitment, and a sense of urgency. The CIME program also embraces an exploration of the character traits that distinguish great leaders while building deep and actionable self awareness and mindfulness on the part of attendees. And through this enlightenment participants are better enabled to define and accelerate their journey to being both a masterful manager as well as an inspiring leader. ​

The content rich curriculum is uniquely designed and integrated to impart a deep working understanding of contemporary leadership practices in a way that accelerates professional growth through robust and purposeful new knowledge: The CIME curricula imparts actionable insights of how organizations function at their best, how effective decisions are made and masterfully executed in relation to changing market dynamics, and how leaders invent and continually renew themselves while elevating the talent, potential, and performance of others. The very best management and leadership habits and frameworks are presented through highly engaging, hard hitting, and fast paced tutorials. The particularly energizing and immensely interactive class content infuses and invigorates participants with tools and techniques that can be applied to the immediate benefit of their organization. The intellectual rigor of the CIME syllabus creates the acumen to think more holistically: to seize opportunities quickly and accurately, make powerful connections, and create imaginative solutions to increasingly complex business challenges. All while developing the foresight and ability to both optimize current business performance and generate breakthrough ideas and deliver meaningful innovations. Through the multifaceted CIME curriculum participants gain the confidence, conviction, courage and presence that can only be achieved through being increasingly knowledgeable, accurately self aware, and trustfully authentic. ​

The Certificate of Insurance Management Excellence is a distinctively rewarding leadership development experience: Designed for insurance executives, emerging leaders and influential professionals determined to take their organization, their associates and themselves to a sustainably higher level of capability and performance. It is for the ambitious within the insurance industry who are determined to rise above those organizations that act trapped between an unchangeable past and an unknowable future.  It is for those who continually strive for excellence and are dedicated to creating exceptional value through winning strategies, relentless execution, resourceful innovation, and building extraordinary talent – all with unquestionable integrity. It is for those who hunger to go beyond what is being asked to pursuing what is possible. It is for those who seek a uniquely rewarding development experience that makes them better in their current position while preparing them for the higher levels of responsibilities they aspire to.​

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