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Paul James, Dean of Curricula



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The Certified Team Builder & Coach (CTBC) skill building program has been developed to uniquely equip leaders, managers and key professionals with the fundamental knowledge, frameworks and tools to become masterful team coaches. More than ever before being an effective team coach is essential to being an effective manager and key professional.  Just as simply calling a group a team does not make it a team – calling a manager a coach does not make that manager a coach.  Team coaching is not only a calling but a very specific skill set anchored in new knowledge and enlightenment. Attendees learn in a deep and enduring manner the characteristics and work habits that distinguish high performing teams – along with the frameworks, tools and techniques to transform and raise any group or unit to an ever higher level of performance.

The topical benefits you will experience in a highly interactive class setting include:

  • Deep immersion in advanced group social and work dynamics – and how to channel these dynamics into high performing team attributes
  • Gain a working understanding of the major high performing team building frameworks and how to apply their tools and techniques
  • Certification training in the Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) framework and how to apply TEI at the individual and team level
  • Coaching development of new teams, project teams, cross functional teams, remote teams, and virtual teams
  • Creating and applying a high performing team progression blue print: jump starting team development through team building accelerators
  • Building team trust, improving team meetings, enhancing group problem solving and decision making while honoring member diversity
  • Training in all the key team performance assessment survey tools and how to accurately stage and coach corresponding team interventions
  • Team building instruments; How to choose among these powerful instruments and masterfully apply them as a team coach
  • How to create and sustain Team Kata: Training in the seven habits of high performing teams and the respective seven coaching protocols
  • Coaching for team renewal: How to revive, reenergize and reinvigorate longer standing teams
  • Anticipating, avoiding and addressing team dysfunctions; Coaching the brilliant loner, the under performer, and team course correcting 
  • Coaching tools to ignite team creativity and innovation while building unsurpassed team cohesion and mitigating negative conflict

With the trend to making high performing teams the building block of forward thinking insurance organizations, training in both the science and art of team coaching is central to the success of the enterprise. Whether you manage a function, division or unit. Whether you are a project manager or participate in a customer facing process.  Whether you are a contributing member of a new or existing group. Whether you collaborate with third parties. Whether you are collocated with your peers or geographically dispersed.  You will find the Certified Team Builder and Coach program a singular rewarding professional development experience. 

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