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Paul James, Dean of Curricula



Who Should Attend

The CIOP Designation Class provides an intense two-and-a-half-day content rich presentation of all the underlying concepts and cutting edge techniques in designing, building, engaging and sustaining high performing insurance operations. Given the amount of information that is presented, and the respective knowledge to be gained by CIOP candidates, the teaching approach is particularly engaging, interactive and dynamic. Since its introduction in 2008, the CIOP Designation has emerged as the standard of knowledge and professionalism for all insurance leaders and professionals who are dedicated to improving the performance of their organizations.  The CIOP program provides a very robust professional development experience in all operational components including operational modeling and planning, structure, metrics and analytics, process, technology, customer experience, talent building, operational innovation and change management – and teaches how to optimize and combine these components into a superior operational platform.

A summary of some of the topics covered in the CIOP Designation curricula include:

  • Modeling, developing, and deploying a high performance operations strategy & supporting high impact initiatives; Building and executing operational decision architectures
  • Driving operational excellence through new metrics, analytics and big data
  • Competing on operational analytics – leveraging operational data in gaining speed and precision; Building operational algorithms and integrating artificial intelligence
  • Insurance operations that consistently deliver an unparalleled customer experience while enhancing employee engagement; Disruption theory and practices
  • Consistently delivering world class service and building operationally anchored competitive advantage that improves profit margins and delivers sustainable growth
  • Operations that give traction to business strategy, product development, and distribution channels – while eliminating underwriting, sales, service and claims leakage
  • Technology enabled operational excellence: The emerging technologies that will shape insurance operations now and into the future
  • Turbo-charging insurance operations, service delivery and call centers
  • New frontiers in managing change – Igniting advocacy and building accountability throughout the organization; Influencing without authority and masterful facilitation
  • New process design techniques to gain operational speed and flexibility – while eliminating waste in all its forms and adding more and more value
  • Customer journey mapping, analysis and designing and operationalizing the optimal customer experience and brand promise
  • Lean operational manufacturing disciplines applied to insurance that significantly simplifies work, and accelerates process flows while contributing to profitable premium growth
  • Creating, developing, and executing a human capital strategy and talent program; Building the liquid workforce; Contemporary techniques to creating outstanding teams
  • Target operating model & design, business architecture best practices and building outstanding insurance business ecosystems
  • Demographic diversity trends & transformation; Insurance customer and employee behavioral impacts and operational considerations

Participants come from all insurance functions recognizing that operations means the work of the organization – work in all its diversity and forms.  In light of the importance and pervasive nature of operational performance – and such performance is dependent upon a wide range of disciplines and forging tighter integration among these disciplines – CIOP attendees comprise a broad and deep group of talented professionals from all functions, divisions and specialties. The CIOP program is for all insurance leaders and professionals that seek a uniquely rewarding learning experience which makes them better in their current position while preparing them for the higher levels of responsibility they aspire to reach. Whether you are working within a functional area such as underwriting, claims, or policy services – whether you are a project manager, executive or unit head – whether you are a senior leader or a key professional – you will find the CIOP program a particularly high impact learning experience.  An impact that will last a lifetime while delivering immediate and lasting benefits to your firm.

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