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Paul James, Dean of Curricula



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The Customer Experience & Analytics Professional (CXAP) designation program provides a unique and powerful learning experience. It is designed to enable participants to meet head on the complex challenges of designing, building, deploying and continually enhancing a truly differentiating insurance customer experience.  The conference conveys deep insights and a true grasp of the knowledge, frameworks, tools and disciplines that comprise insurance CX best practices.  The program provides training in three bodies of knowledge that comprise CX design and deployment. Participants learn all the aspects of  design thinking. As attendees practice their newly learned design thinking skills, through insurance CX case studies, they are also immersed in all aspects of advanced CX metrics and analytics.  The combination of creative design thinking skills and the insights gained through CX analytics are further enhanced with training in CX engineering precision including CX segmentation, personification, journey mapping best practices and CX insurance innovation and disruption developments. 

The CXAP topical content has been specifically formulated to equip insurance professionals and leaders with the knowledge and techniques necessary to craft, execute, and operationalize a winning customer experience program. The conference agenda is organized sequentially; the concepts, ideas and tools advance attendees along the actual process and phases by which an insurance customer experience design is blueprinted and engaged.  The knowledge domains that are presented during the CXAP program include:

Advanced Customer Typography & Targeting

  • Data Analysis for Customer Segmentation
  • The Five-W Segmentation Framework
  • Sizing & Valuing Customer Segments
  • Customer Persona Best Practices
  • Customer Persona Behavior Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Value Forecasting
  • The Economics and Financials of CX
  • Creating a Holistic CX Organizational Perspective
  • Company vs. Customer Specific Touchpoints
  • Measuring Rational & Emotional Touchpoints
  • Reach, Resonance & Reaction
  • Conversion & Purchasing Models
  • Messaging, A/B and Split Testing
  • Designing and Managing Post Purchase Behavior
  • Customer Loyalty Drivers & Techniques
  • CX Generational and Demographic Patterns
  • Today’s Insurance Buyer and the Buyer of 2020
  • CX Best Practices Templates & Toolkit
  • The Essentials of Design Thinking
  • Deep Dive Into the Five Design Thinking Phases
  • Design Thinking & CX Innovation Workshop
  • Deep Dive in the Five Design Thinking Modes
  • UX Design Principles & Practices
  • Disruptive Insurance CX Designs
  • Conducting the CX Service Safari
  • Unpacking Service Safari and Empathy findings
  • Identifying CX Opportunities, ideation, and CX Prototyping

CX Journey Mapping with Precision and for Results

  • From Marketing Funnel to CX Journey Mapping
  • Linking CX Metrics to CX Journey Mapping
  • Survey of CX Journey Mapping Best Practices
  • The Five Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Insurance Customer Journaling Technique
  • Defining the Ideal CX by Advanced Persona
  • Generating the CX Journey Hypothesis
  • Mapping the Actual CX Journey
  • Task Mapping & Analysis
  • Calculating Pleasure, Pain and Indifferent Points
  • Front Stage & Back Stage Analysis
  • CX Mapping Including Agents
  • Identifying & Calibrating CX Journey Opportunities
  • Closing the CX Performance Gaps & CX DOE
  • From Hypothesis, to Evidence, to Performance
  • Customer Loyalty Drivers & Techniques
  • Survey of CX Journey Mapping Frameworks
  • Pallet of CX Journey Mapping Tools

Calibrating Customer Attitudes & Preferences

  • Attitudes vs. Satisfaction Metrics
  • Customer Preference Mapping & Analysis
  • Needs, Wants, Desirability and Delighters
  • Customer Attitude & Purchasing Patterns
  • Brand Pillars for CX Journey Support
  • Scoring Customer Brand Affection & Affinity
  • Customer Effort and Customer Satisfaction Metrics
  • Critical to CX Data Gathering
  • CX Data Gathering Tools & Techniques
  • Determining Proper Customer Sample Size
  • Data & Confidence Intervals to Ensure Accuracy
  • New NPS.2 & Other Techniques for Gauging CX
  • Customer Effort Scoring (CES) and Customer Value Chain
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Metrics
  • CX Story Boarding
  • Jobs to Be Done Frameworks
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Insurance Formulation

Technology Enabled CX

  • Strategic Technologies Shaping CX
  • The Digital CX Journey
  • Integrating CX Digital Platforms
  • Customer Self Service & CX
  • Unstructured Data & Social Media
  • The CX Based Technology Strategy
  • AI Enabled CX and ChatBot Best Practices
  • Survey of Usability Techniques
  • Improving Findability & CX Usability
  • Tapping into User Generated Feedback
  • Disruptive Developments & Trends
  • Systems (UX) Userability Survey Instrument
  • The Future Digital Insurance Customer Journey
  • Kano CX Attribute Mapping, Survey and Design

Crafting and pursuing a unified approach and skillset is essential to creating and sustaining a truly differentiating customer experience. The CXAP designation program pulls from three fundamental spheres of knowledge; CX Engineering, Design Thinking, and Customer Analytics – which collectively and directly affects an ever widening population and growing number of functions across the enterprise. Insurance professionals and leaders who are involved with any process, service, product, operation, technology, strategic initiative or function that contributes to improving the experience of the firm’s current and targeted future customers will find the CXAP conference particularly valuable. 

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