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Paul James, Dean of Curricula



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This insurance industry context is like none that have come before. It is not another cycle or phase.  It is a broad and deep fracturing in what was previously deemed as acceptable performance within our industry. In the past, one industry development needed consideration. But today there are a multitude of changes accelerating rapidly and concurrently across all dimensions of the business of insurance. It is a powerful convergence of shifts in people, technology, products, processes and markets that when taken in the aggregate is disrupting and redefining the insurance industry.  It is demanding us to change. It is demanding us to transform.  It is demanding that insurance organizations move from product offered strategies to a relentless and passionate focus on customer centricity.  From rigid silo like structures to nimble, highly responsive and ever adapting networks.  From slower methodical decision making and risk containment to speed, innovation, rapid experimentation and a pervasive spirit of entrepreneurship.  It calls for agile business models unburdened of excessive layers  of bureaucracy and enlivened with people at all levels that are self motivated to seek new knowledge, challenge conventional thinking, and apply creative problem solving in constantly improving performance. This is the challenge. How to understand, master and turn the disruptive forces of change sweeping across the insurance industry into incredibly powerful opportunities to achieve quantum leaps in performance. How to capture and bend these disruptive forces to reinvent better ways of working in order to greatly outperform competitors and take profitable customers away from them -- and it will require insurance organizations build the capabilities to enable people to work in profoundly new and different ways.  The Insurance Innovation & Planning Workshop provides a highly informed,  interactive and fact based, exploration of all the fundamental forces of change that are transforming the insurance industry.  As each of these industry impacts are more fully understood, the Workshop provides a forum by which your company generates bold ideas and plans to harness these powerful forces of change and emerge from the crucible of  industry transformation stronger, resilient, flexible, robust and far more powerful.

The Insurance Innovation & Planning Workshop is a dynamic highly interactive forum by which all the forces of change sweeping across the insurance industry are fully vetted, understood and factored into your company’s go-forward agenda.  From the rapidly changing insurance consumer demographics and firmographics to disruptive advances in all forms of technology, AI, metrics and analytics.  From rapid policy and product simplification to the reinvention of distribution channels.  From redefining talent through self empowerment, accountability and personal growth to new leadership paradigms. From radical process work elimination and expansive automation to quantum leaps in productivity. From the transformation of insurance core processes such as underwriting, claims and marketing to the reduction in silo mentality and structures and the emergence of true high performing self managing teams.  The Insurance Innovation & Planning Workshop performs a deep dive into each change domain supported by  insurance case illustrations and competitive benchmarking.  The program’s discussion then focuses on calibrating your company’s current status against each insurance change megatrend; enabling a newly informed exchange of ideas among your staff which fires up the  collective imagination of the group and culminates in a set of priorities in pointing up, advancing  and integrating your organization’s innovation program, strategy and initiatives.

The forces of change that are  reshaping  the insurance  industry are challenging organizations to reinvent their business model and practices with a focus on speed, agility, and continuous innovation.  These tectonic changes and corresponding challenges significantly  affects all insurance functions, professionals and leadership.  Whether your focus is on an insurance core process such as underwriting, claims, operations, policy services, customer experience or marketing.  Whether you are a project manager of a product line manager. Whether you work in IT,  Actuarial,  Analytics or Human Resources.  The Insurance Innovation & Planning Workshop is for all who are striving to ensure that their organizations meet this challenge and are among the winners in a transformed insurance industry.

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