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The Master of Change Management and  Coaching (MCMC) Designation program is  a deeply immersive learning experience. The approach is multidimensional and multifaceted.  It is built on a foundation and an enduring belief that  change is not an event but is continuous. That change is pervasive. That effective change occurs and must be staged daily at the enterprise, team, project and individual levels. The MCMC program is dedicated to enabling participants to not only manage change but to shape, initiate, influence and drive change. To think expansively. To see through an enlivened and knowledgeable perspective in gaining new insights into today’s challenges. To understand and harness the disruptive forces that are sweeping across the insurance industry and the rapidly changing society it serves. To help condition attendees to masterfully question  traditional ways of working. To stop making their organization better at the status quo by removing the barriers that hinder real progress and inhibit advancing the firm and each employee to a far better place in a much different future.

The MCMC curriculum conveys a deep understanding of the essential change  management frameworks and coaching techniques. A high level listing of some of the topics covered in the MCMC Designation program include:

  • Change Management Frameworks:  A deep dive into all the change management critical bodies of  knowledge and methodologies
  • The Change Master’s Toolkit: A compendium of the most  impactful tools and techniques in enabling and sustaining positive change
  • Staging and Integrating Multi-Level Change: Creating traction and progress concurrently at the enterprise, unit  and individual levels
  • Managing Transitions: How to effectively navigate the organization and advance people through periods of transition
  • Properly Calibrating the Change Agenda: Crafting the change program and approach to best fit the particular  dimensions of the required change
  • On Becoming a Masterful Change Agent: Gaining and applying credibility, respect and status in generating  new ideas and inspiring change
  • Coaching Models, Techniques and Best Practices: Unlocking people’s potential to  achieve higher levels of  performance, collaborative behavior  and creativity; Enabling people to  become the next better version of themselves; A deep dive into all the leading coaching frameworks; The Pallet of Coaching questions and individual performance and behavior coaching practices and models

The Master of Change  Management and Coaching (MCMC) professional  designation program provides an optimal learning  experience for leaders and professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in fostering change, innovation and creativity throughout their organization - while assisting others better fulfill  their true potential. The program is based on a  passionate belief that it is not enough to interpret change but to invent it. That it is not enough to view change as a cookbook set of steps – but that  change must be continuous and pervasive. It must  be adaptive and agile. That the winners in the  rapidly transforming insurance industry must be change masters.  And that the successful leaders and  managers who strive for change mastery must also  master the principles and practices that distinguish great coaches. Most importantly the MCMC  program is for those who rededicate themselves each day to take their organization, those around  them and themselves to a higher, often different,  level of capability,  improved set of behaviors and outstanding performance.  

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